HBE expands oil air cooler series ACI: Efficient cooling with ACIP and ACM

HBE has expanded its portfolio of oil air coolers and now offers two innovative models that increase efficiency in various industrial and mobile hydraulic applications. These new products are the ACIP partial flow cooler and the ACM oil air cooler for mobile applications.

The ACIP is a special partial flow cooler that is particularly suitable for industrial applications. It features the integration of a motor-pump unit, which means that the hydraulic oil in the bypass stream is cooled continuously and efficiently, regardless of whether the main hydraulic power unit is in operation or not. The ACIP can be retrofitted to existing equipment. The permanent cooling of the hydraulic oil significantly extends the service life of the oil, which in turn leads to a longer service life of seals and other hydraulic components. In addition, the ACIP offers high flexibility in pump selection to meet individual requirements.

The ACM oil air cooler, on the other hand, is aimed particularly at industry professionals in agriculture, forestry, construction, mining and transportation. It features a 12/24V DC drive, making it ideal for mobile hydraulic power units. Users have the option to choose from different sizes and cooling capacities depending on their needs. An internal bypass valve provides additional efficiency and enables precise cooling.

Published: October, 16 2023