Permanent magnetic drive couplings for hydrogen applications

The demand on renewable energy sources is higher than ever before. How the energy transition can be mastered in future through relying on hydrogen is discussed in the 5th edition of the VDMA "Technology Guide Oil - Gas - Petrochemicals". On pages 64 and 65, DST permanent magnetic couplings for reliable and eco-friendly torque transmission in hydrogen applications are presented.

DST permanent magnetic couplings are used worldwide in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries for hermetic sealing in pumps and agitators. They enable leakage- and wear-free torque transmission and meet the highest safety requirements.

With many years of application expertise, DST develops individual special solutions to perfectly meet customer requests with a maximum torque of up to 25,000 Nm. For this purpose, each enquiry is precisely checked for technical feasibility by trained personnel. Using the latest FEM simulation software and considering the customer's application parameters, DST ensures an optimal and safe design of the individual components. Thus, the customer receives the most efficient and economical material combination of the inner and outer rotor as well as the canister.


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Published: March, 03 2023