VSE can now rely on an innovative calibration test stand for smallest flow rates

With a newly developed calibration test stand, it is now possible to measure smallest flow rates from 0.001 ml/min to 2,000 ml/min for the RS series. The entire development, design and construction of the test stand was done in-house.

The novel test stand is based on the proven method of a piston measuring track. An electronically controlled linear cylinder presses a medium from one measuring piston through the RS into another measuring piston. The linear cylinder can be positioned with high accuracy, whereby the medium conveyed can be detected from the geometry of the measuring piston and the piston position. The medium can be pre-pressurised or evacuated (released from air bubbles) at the outlet side of the RS. The number of output pulses of the RS is counted and compared with the actual volume driven to calculate the K-factor. A software controls the entire calibration procedure and can be programmed with preset flow and volume values.

The test stand is characterised by quick pneumatic clamping and replacement of the flow meter, so that it no longer needs to be laboriously screwed on. In addition, a calibration protocol is generated for each test, which documents the error and the repeatability of the flow meter.

Published: December, 10 2020